Fresh Fruit Series

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Product description

Coconut is a palmaceous organic fruit in Hainan with abundant nutrients. It serves as an instant drink with sweet and delicious flavor. The coconut pulp is delicate and tender. Fresh coconut has more juice. Compared with the crisp pulp of old coconut, fresh coconut’s pulp is much delicate and tender. It can be pressed into fresh coconut puree and processed into coconut powder through spray drying.
Hainan has over 2000 years of history in planting coconut. Currently, the coconut is mainly distributed in Wenchang city of Hainan province. As the local saying goes, Wenchang is the home of Hainan coconut, and Dongjiao town is the home to Wenchang coconut. The coconut output of Wenchang coconut forest accounts for 52% of the national total.
Nutrition facts
The coconut contains 35%-45% oil, 15% carbohydrate and 15% protein which includes abumin, globulin, protamine as well as other nutrients. It also has 173μg% vitamin B1, 103μg% B5, trace amounts of B2, 700μg% α-toco-pherol and 250μg% γ-tocopherol. Immature coconut has more vitamin C and pit contains mannan. 
Nutritional benefits
Each part of the coconut is a treasure with extensive use.
Coconut pulp: can be produced into copra, coconut powder, coconut ptotein, coconut juice, shredded coconut stuffing and colorless coconut oil.  
Coconut juice: contains vitamin B, vitamin C, hormone and sugar. It is a natural drink, and can also be processed into other food.  
Coconut oil: it is mainly an industrial oil, a superior material for soap and tooth paste.
Coconut bud: the coconut flower juice can be brewed into coconut flower wine or purified into coconut sugar.  
Coconut shell: hard, free from deformation, can be processed into superior active carbon or handicrafts such as coconut carving or musical instrument.
Mango sago with coconut juice
Ingredients: 50g mango, 200g coconut puree powder, 50g sago, 10g condensed milk, 1 mango ice cream ball
1.boil the sago: boil the sago till it is translucent with white dots in the middle and rinse it in cold water; repeat the steps above.
2. remove the sago and coconut puree powder into a glass or bowl, then add some pieces of fruit and the mango ice cream ball, and pour condensed milk and mango sauce in it.
Tips: steps for mango sauce: smash mango pulp with a blender, boil the smashed mango pulp with rock candy over a low flame till the rock candy melts.
Coconut milk with papaya milk
Ingredients: one half papaya, 250cc fresh milk, 1 spoon honey, 25g coconut puree powder, one half glass of ice
Steps: peel the papaya, remove the seeds and cut the pulp into pieces, put all the ingredients into the blender to stir for 30 seconds, and it can be served.
Benefits: contains abundant vitamin C and carotene, can help regain the energy effectively and benefit people who have dyspepsia as well.
Papaya cream
Ingredients: 600g papaya, 1 glass fresh milk, 25g coconut puree powder, 200g sugar 3 spoons corn powder
Steps: peel the papaya, remove the seeds, cut it into pieces; boil the sugar with 2 glasses of water, then add the papaya pieces, and fresh milk, coconut puree powder over slow fire. Dissolve the corn powder with half glass of water, and add it into the boiler till the papaya cream is thickened.