Fruit and Vegetable Powder Ser

  • Product nameTwin Coco Lemon Powder
  • Product modelLemon Powder
  • Single positionKilogram
  • Product raw materialsLemon
  • Shelf life18 Months

Product description

                                                               Green Lemon
Hainan green lemon pulp is jade green, transparent color, taste extremely acid, can food for thought, and has thirst-quenching and clearing heat effects. Hainan green lemon fruit is fragrant, juicy and sour flavor, riches in vitamins, can also be used as medicine. Lemon powder takes Hainan non-pollution lemon as raw materials. The process uses spray drying technique, which keeps the nutrients and flavor of lemon, has good solubility and is easy to use.
【Product Features】
Lemon Powder has features of high purity, pure fragrance, original flavor, 
quality assurance, natural color, instant solubility, no preservatives, no essence, no pigment and so on.
Applicable to solid drinks, Puffed food, cooked wheaten food, liquid beverage, ice cream, dairy food, frozen foods, instant soup, jam, biscuit,  seasonings and so on.
【Package Size】:Bags/case
【Storage】 Cool, ventilated, dry place
【Quality Guarantee Period】18 months
【Product Physical and Chemical Index】
Appearance:Superfine powder, loose powder, no agglomeration, no visible impurities.
Flavor: Natural flesh lemon flavor
Ingredient:100% . 100% Lemon Puree 
Moisture Content (g/100g):≤4%
Total Number of Colony (CFU/g)<1000
Escherichia Coli: